Arby's Chocolate Turnover

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So today I was the only one in the office at lunch time so I was going to lunch myself. I got to my car and then decided I wanted Arby's. Since it is a short distance I decided to walk to it instead of driving. As I was walking up I lamented on twitter about their new special turnover. Its a chocolate turnover with Hershey's chocolate. Since I walked I gave in (well easier than I would have if I had been lazy and drove) and got one of them for dessert.

Check out pictures and my thoughts on it after the jump

Here is a quick picture with my cell of what it looked liked

Turnover before

It was fairly good, the chocolate inside the turnover was still gooey and its Hershey's so you know its good. It pastry was flaky as usual for their turnovers. So here are the results

turnover crumbs

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Response by David Lewis us on 3/28/2008 4:17:04 AM

It's no Spinach pie. You should check out

Yeah it's me. Blast from the past. Drop me a line. I am in San Diego if you ever need to escape the heat.

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