Kids get sick at worst time

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Yesterday after work I met Kelly at the car place where I was dropping my car off for service today. After I had dropped it off and Kelly gets there she tells me that Seamus had gotten sick at school and that means he couldn't go back the next day.

He got sick in the car again on the way home, and a couple more times last night before/after he went to bed. After that  Kelly got sick a few times as well.

With a big project at work and use using a new methodology that I am training the others on I could not really afford to miss a day of work again, so Kelly is home with Seamus today.

They both seem to be doing fine, according to her, and we are planning on meeting for lunch in a little while.

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Sick Kids

Published by Mike at 6:52 PM under Life

Well today is first day in the past few weeks that both kids are at daycare, and we are hoping it stays that way for a while. Both of us have had issues with taking so much time off for the kids being sick. It is really hard being so far from family who we could use to watch them once in a while when they are sick so we wouldnt have to do it all ourselves. But we made the move and have to live with it, in general it was a lot more positive a move than the few megatives that come with it. The job is great, I think Kelly likes her job more than her old one, even though she complains about coworkers and the job at times, it is a lot more interesting work for her. She is taking initives and learning much and it is paying off for her. The Arizona scenery is great it is a wonderful state, we have the BIG city stuff, with plenty to do, and then we have the mountains and small towns like Jerome, Prescott and Sedona. We still have much of the state to see, as we have not really gone all the way up to Flagstaff or the Grand Canyon yet, or even down south to or past Tuscon.

This morning I got to work and got call from Best Buy telling me when they were going to come to replace the parts on our TV in the bedroom that died after less than 3 months. I had forgotten about that being today and scheduled a lunch meeting with another company to discuss thier product and how we can use it in our application design, as the basic models shown in thier samples are basic and dont show more tiered development layers. Luckily he was coming at a time I could be there for, and get back in time to go to the lunch as well.

Kelly is at some some seminar thing all day so hoepfully the daycare doesnt call during lunch or we will be srcewed trying to pick them up in the time they allow. The other people listed with the daycare allowed to pick them up will be with me at the lunch.

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